I would like to install
Python, wxPython, XRCed, BoaConstructor :
I installed Python 3.0.1 :
but which version of the others go together with Python 3.0.1?
Maybe I should backup with Python, but I don't know.

Please Help.

Yeah i would reccomend you do not use python 3.0 for a while, the modules just arent out for it yet.

If you use python 2.5 then you will find that you can get modules for everything you need.
wxPython, XRCed, BoaConstrictor will all have modules for python 2.5.

Actually those have modules for python 2.6 as well, which is the better choice if you're writing code that you someday would like to port to 3.0.

Python26 with wxPython, wxWidgets(if need?), XRCed:
I am trying to install Python26 with wxPython, wxWidgets(if need?), XRCed .
But am having trouble figuring out what versions go together.
Here in my Directory layout so far:
Directory of C:\Python26\
wx-2.6-msw-unicode (wxPython2.6-win32-unicode-

I can't find an Installable version of XRCed for win32.
I found one called . This seems right but
I can't un-tar it.
Pls., are the above the right version so far?
And where can I find an installable XRCed 1.8.4-win32-zip??

I have been working on this for days.


I noticed you're using the wrong version of wxPython for your version of python. You are using the one for python 2.5.

You can "un-tar" stuff with winrar. If the extracted folder has a inside, installing is a simple as C:\python26\python <extractedfolder>\ install at the command line.

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