I'm using Xubuntu, and I've found that I can't change text control foreground colors in WxPython, on this Linux. They change fine in Windows. They won't change in Xubuntu—it doesn't matter if I use Xfce, Gnome, or KDE; it's the same. It's always black (very problematic when you have a black background).

Is there some way to fix this? It's behaved this way with several installations of Xubuntu (not just this time).

Is it something I can do within Python/WxPython? Any ideas of workarounds would be appreciated. I'm considering Tkinter, for one, but, if you notice my first post, you'll find that the font-rendering in Tkinter is blocky on my LCD screen (even though it's smooth everywhere else—even with WxPython).

Maybe I need some extra download for my windows managers. Metacity is the one I'm using, currently (mostly with Gnome).

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Oh yes, I forgot to mention I was using the Gutsy Gibbon release of Xubuntu. I hadn't realized there was a new version, yet. I don't know which versions of WxPython the new one offers in the apt-get list.

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