Write a function to overload subtraction operator for Class Order, which you created in

previous question. The class has following attributes/ data members
i) OrderID
ii) Items
iii) PricesOfItems

Write the main () to call the - operator and print the result also. This operator should subtract
the items of one object from the other.

Question No. 3 Marks : 4
What is the difference between an array and a structure?

Question No. 4 Marks : 2
When we write a class template the first line must be:

1 template < class class_type>
2 template < class data_type>
3 template < class T >, Here T can be replaced with any name but it is preferable.
4 class class-name(
5 class template<class_name>

Question No. 5 Marks : 2
A friend function of a class has access

1 To all data member and functions of the class
2 Only to other friend functions of the class
3 Only to private data of the class
4 Only to public data of the class
5 To private data declared in main()