I've managed to get linux installed on my box. Using fedora core 3 with a full installation........ Man all those games :eek:

Anyway I'm left with a question I completed a working code in nedit and saved it has a cpp file. I open but a konsole find the directory of which ive saved that .cpp file and compile it using

g++ file1.cpp -o file1

i get the $ sign back - so far so good... when i do ls the file is there showing has an extucable. But to my horror when i type file1 it doesnt do anything......... Any ideas?

Re: compling c++ code under linux 80 80

Try typing ./file1
Read this .

Re: compling c++ code under linux 80 80

If you're used to windows, use Cygwin or Dev-C++ to write C++ aps using GNU compiler under windows.

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