Hello everyone i am getting input from the user in the form of an inputbox. The inputbox then dumps the information into an arrayList which then i want my Listbox to be populated by the items within the arrayList.


userName = InputBox -> arrayList.add(userName) - > Listbox.items.add(arrayList)

Here is some of my code.

userName = InputBox("Enter Name: ")

        Dim users As ArrayList = New ArrayList()

        For i As Integer = 0 To users.Count

        Next i

It gives me the error at the bold highlighted text. Any ideas?

What is the error message?

It said something about out of bounds. Does the syntax look right?

That worked thanks :) I have another question. How can i load a form from another form? I tried form.show but the form came up and quit after a couple of seconds.

What is your code for new form?
Perhaps you close the new form after show.
You can try form.showdialog too.

Double click on the My Project. On the left hand side toward the bottom in the Shut Down Mode select "After last form closes".
If you don't then when you close the startup form the program ends.