We just started studying classes right now, we are studying classes. Unfortunately, my teacher is not very helpful.
I was given a study guide for my midterm and one of the questions there was to create a half adder. I already did the .h part and i believe it is correct. However, I have not done the two .cpp aspects. I don't know what a half adder is because i just started studying gates and have not done half adder yet.
I have posted the .h i.e the header aspect of the class. However, I need help as to write the driver .cpp and the other .cpp. Please help me cos this is the toughest question in the study guide. thank you.

#pragma once

#using <mscorlib.dll>

using namespace System;

class Complex
    bool sum;
    bool carry;

    HalfAdder(double, double);
    set_HalfAdder(bool, bool);

P.s> i think i am expected to initialize the data members to 0. the purpose of the program is to demonstrate the above functions i.e the set_half adder and the get_half adder functions.

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>>I don't know what a half adder
Neither do I. It must have been explained in class or in your textbook.

>>I need help as to write the driver .cpp and the other .cpp
Yes we will be glad to help you when you post the code you have written.

I think the variables you declared on lines 10 and 11 should be double, not bool. bool is for yes and no (1 and 0).

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