Hi All.

Basically, i have to make a program where 15 pictures are generated at random and then the user would have to select a radio button to match the answer to what the image displays. For example:

|*Picture of car here*|

What is this?

o Car
o Bus
o Train
o Boat

*Continue Button Here*

How would i go about doing this?

When the user clicks the continute button, it would then proceed to the next random question.

Will i need to add all of the images as resources? if so, how would i load these into the picture box at random?

I was planning on using an ArrayList for example to hold 15 questions.

Would i need to create a Question class which consists of an Image object and obviously a string for the question itself?

I have never actually worked with picture boxes before, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks....

Images have to be stored somewhere, a DB, files or resource.
I suggest only loading the images on demand for each question.
If using resources then just set the picturebox image property to the resource.

//PictureBox pictbox....
pictbox.Image = Properties.Resources.MyPicture;