I am really new in C++ and I ahve no idea how to create a project?
I have an assignment n i donn't know how to do it?
can u plzz help me in it?
Cost of buying PC & other PC components in unitar (University).

- Choices of components/PC
- Quantity(each components)
-Calculate the cost (each components)
-Calculate the total cost (all components)

Let's see. I want 5 items of type a at 315.74 dollars each. How much is that going to cost? And if I want x number of products y that cost z dollars each how do I keep doing the same type of calculation over and over again as long as I want using a computer program to help? I would suggest a vector of class objects, a loop, and running total value. Each object would be a purchase of x number of y objects each costing z dollars for a subtotal of amount a. Etc.

Such a thought process is behind every project. You can only use techniques that you know about so write out the basic theoretical steps, then try to put that in terms of tools you have available to write programs and wrap that in the technical details necessary for the compiler/linker to do what you want.