Most of my Visual Basic 6 experience comes from VBA with Excel. With VBExcel, you can run any procedure (if it does not require input parameters) by simply putting your cursor in the sub and clicking the "play button" (F5) . With full VB6, the same action will not just run a specific sub, instead it starts at the very beginning (Sub Main or whatever). For large projects, I want to be able to test certain subs without having to start at the beginning every time. How can I do in VB6 what I do in VBExcel? Or are later versions of VB better at this?

any ways you have to run the application . you can always call a specific sub on a button click for testing.

I suppose there are easy ways around it, as you mentioned. Even so, I find it surprising that VBA has this convenient feature, while full VB6 does not.

that is because VBA is used to define macros notto compile an EXE or DLL.

I suppose that makes sense.