i've just learnt how to make additional virtual console ( e.g pressing ctrl+alt+f8 ) by changing the /etc/inittab file. i was wondering if i can make another graphical one such as that on ctrl+alt+f7 ??
can i do that from /etc/inittab or its not possible to make it there?

you can start another instance of X

Thx for the help.
what i did is as following:
in the /etc/share/gdm/defaults.conf file, you will find


simply i removed the comment sign next to the 1=standard and it then restartred using the gdm-restart command.

so now when pressing CTRL + ALT +F8, i get another graphical screen that differs from the default one.

oh i'm working in RedHat Enteprise 5

I usually just do it at the command line when I want it. Not that you could tell with *nix, but it might help to conserve resources... it's fairly easy:

X :1 &
export DISPLAY=:1
startkde &     # or gnome-session or something

another pretty easy way is to do it with startx, but you can't really mix and match gnome/kde/someother with this method: startx -- :1 &