can anyone tell what is major difference between vs2005 and vs6.
i want to know coding related difference not related to UI.In what extent vs2005 different for c++ from vs6

VS6 isnt very true to the C++ standard whereas 2005 is more strict

Also you cant use most of the recent microsoft SDKs or target newer mobile device plaqtforms with vs6 anymore.

VS2005 also has much improved intellisense and debugging features and lets you code either normal native Win32 apps, or .NET CLR apps

When I recently ported a large project from VC6 to VC2005 I found that it was surprisingly easy.
I found warnings on library functions like strcpy(), scanf(), the safer _s variants are now required. and for loop variables which are declared in the loop (e.g. for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)) can no longer be used after the end of the loop.
There were a few other problems where 2005 is a bit stricter on the typing, but it's not a big deal.

i also found that remote debugging in vs2005 is very easy then vs6
and vs 2005 provide setting for Unicode and Multibyte support for c++ but in vs6 we have to define it in code
like this anything else differences is there