There is a html page that has a form on it, with a text field named "text". When you enter text into that that field and submit it, it goes back to the python server, gets processed, and a new html page is sent out in response.

I'm working with a java servlet and need to post to the python server. The easiest way I can think of to do this is to format the url such that the the text I would like to enter into the text field (whose name is 'text'), I somehow encode that information in the url.

In Java, I'd simply append to the end of the url [text=theTextIdLikeToProcess]. But, that doesn't work for the python server. It is expecting a dictionary, and it tries to search that dictionary for a key labeled 'text'.

So, how to I encode a url to give a post command that will put the key 'text', with a value I want, in the dictionary?