Can someone help me with what I've done wrong with the character count function?

it should be returning

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABVDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ as 52 but it is coming back as 136088???

#include <iostream>
#include <cctype>

using namespace std;

const int STRINGSIZE = 100;

void getString(char string[]);
void reverseCase(char string[]);
int numGraph(char string[]);

int main()
   char string[STRINGSIZE];
   int count;

   cout << "Entered string => " << string << "\n";

   count = numGraph(string);
   cout << "Number of graphic characters in string = " << count << "\n";

   cout << "Reverse case   => " << string << "\n";

   return 0;

void reverseCase(char string[])
      Reverse the case of all alphabetic characters in the string.
      That is, all upper case characters become lower case and 
      all lower case become upper case.

   int j=0;
   char *c;

   while (string[j])
      c = (&string[j]);
      if (isupper(*c)) *c = tolower(*c);
      else *c = toupper(*c);

int numGraph(char string[])
      Calculate the number of printable graphic characters in the

   int i, count;

   for (i=0; string[i] != '\0'; i++)
      if (isgraph(string[i])) count++;
   return count; 

void getString(char string[])
      Use getline function to get entire line of text up to

      maximum of STRINGSIZE-1 chars in length
   cout << "Please enter a string to process\n";

   cin.getline(string, STRINGSIZE);

>int i, count;
You're not initializing count to 0, so when you increment, it starts at whatever garbage value was already in memory.

You do set it in main: count = numGraph(string); . The problem is that in numGraph, the count begins at who knows where because you never set the value before incrementing and then returning it.

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