I have a Project for CD Shop management. I have a wierd problem..

When I give a CD on Rent, it updates the CDDetails table as .. it does -1 from the stock..means if the stock was 10 and I rented a CD then it updates that column as 9. But when at the same time I check the reports to see the Stock I can see 10.

Then I stop my project and then again debug it and then when I again check my reports to see the stock I can now see the updated value 9.

Is there anyway I can see the update value in the first place....?

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I didnt get you...can you be more specify..Where should I put these codes...


To begin with, when you say reports are you saying crystal reports or are you refering to some sort of bound/unbound data grid control or some other control? My guess was that you were talking about a bound control that needed to be refreshed. If this is wrong, then please add a little more information in what you mean by reports. BTW, if it is crystal reports then close it and reopen it.

Good Luck


Its not crystal reports...I was talking about bound control that needed to be refreshed...


Normally, you would refresh the connection/recordset and the bound control would/should show the changes but if not, then you need to use the .refresh method of the control (if it has one) or you need to unbind it, clear it, and then rebind it back to its datasource but without knowing exactly which control you are talking about all of this discussion is just theoretical...

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