Well i intended to develop a sohisticated java server client program . but just couldnt push myself so far so ust had to satisfy myself with it.
Well , i have created a simple chatting interface . i would not call it a chatting interface actually cuz i had something else in my mind and finally landed on something else .

i would like if you guys could excecute it and help me making it a real chatting interface .

Well the basic thing is that . i have wriiten a server side code and then client side code .
the user complies one after the another and then runs those files in different DOS windows . Well i want to extend this to a real time chatting interface

the first is the UDPServer program
u will have to save the file as UDPServer (its case sensitive ) and compile it and run in in the first DOS window

the second file is UDPClient program . u will have to follow the same and then run it.
u might be able to chat (well not the traditional meaning here) in the two windows .

i hope u guys will give me ideas n help me improving it .

the code is there in the underneath link .
sorry guys just feel very lazy to post the stuff again .


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