I just finished reading C++ the complete reference by herb schildt (almost a quarter ago)so i feel i can program in c++ but i don't know what to write.could you give me some problems that their answers involve a lot of c++ features?
thanks a lot

There are thousands of examples posted here -- just read some of these threads and attempt to solve the programs yourself.

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You can maybe write a program to estimate the square root of a given number, or you could write a function 'stod' which converts a string to a double ...
Or a function which checks whether a string can be turned into a number or not ...
Or ... you could write a program which evaluates mathematical expressions ...
Or you can create you own class to provides C++ equivalents for the Visual Basic functions redim and redim preserve ... etc. etc. ...

Hope this helps !

These are sort of simple, but here's what I've done (and a few things I want to do):
1. a command-line calculator
2. find the factorial of a number
3. Fibonacci sequence (# of iterations or max value input by user)
4. Binary/Hexadecimal/Octal to ASCII text converter (and vice versa)
5. word unscrambler
6. shift ASCII values by a given number

Ancient Dragon had a great idea, which is just to solve other people's programming challenges. That's probably how the really good people become experts.

This is a pretty good one for you to code. Just change the requirements to use a vector of Student classes instead of three simple arrays, and use std::sort instead of writing your own. If you don't know vectors and classes very well, that will give you some practice in working with them. Otherwise the rest of that assignment is pretty trivial for someone with good grasp of c++ programming.

You could also write a program which encrypts files with the XOR-algorithm ...

I did mean 'using the XOR-algorithm' ...
Sorry for this mistake ...

Now buy the C++ book by Stroustrup and solve all exercises there .