Any one can tell me how to save text area thing to text file in arranged.

like i save it.. become
"Splited Result:New Sentence = sdsdsdsd sdsd sds.Tokenized Result:sdsdsdsd | sdsd | sds | Part of Speech Result:sdsdsdsd/KNK | sdsd/KNK | sds/KNK |

i wan it become like tat :

Splited Result:
New Sentence = sdsdsdsd sdsd sds.

Tokenized Result:
sdsdsdsd | sdsd | sds |

Part of Speech Result:
sdsdsdsd/KNK | sdsd/KNK | sds/KNK |

any one can help? thanks.i need suggestion.

the '\n' character denote a new line.

You can make a class that handles sentences by accepting String input in the Constructor, storing the original String in a reference variable, then stores the Tokenized-version of the String in another appropriate reference variable then make another String array of equal length of the tokenized on and iterate through, appending to each indice the String located in the same indice of the other tokenized array along with an appended value (based on logic defined in your other topic).

Then make methods to retrieve the values of each (the "Splited" string, the "Tokenized" string, and the "part of Speech" string).

Once you make the class, you can modify the toString() method of the class to return the logic in the right order and write the String to a .txt file.

Then you can just iterate through all of the sentences in your TextArea, use an instance of the class to handle the data, then write the data to the file.

You can even make the class a utility class (no constructor, just static methods that return the sentence in tokenized form or part of speech form) but I don't know how much more or less efficient this will be for your needs.

This is just A solution, it's not the only one. I'm not going to bother writing the code, just giving you an idea of what you can do to handle your data effectively.

the '\n' character denote a new line.

i had tried it.. still same.

do you know if you are getting the character at all? maybe you need to add the '\r' ... so try "\r\n" instead.