please help i think d error is in inputtin d values into d linked list! D files are attached

This is no way to ask a question. What the hell are we supposed to do with "i think d error is in inputtin d values into d linked list" ?
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the code reads i in data about each flight(given on a seperate line 4 each flight) so i hav 2 build a graph 2 find shortest distance!

so i create a vertex that stores a given startin pt and a linked list that stores all its possible end pts along with cost,time to get from start vertex 2 en vertex!

but i dont no wat i did wrong?????

int buildGraph(FILE * in1,Graph G,int n)

  EdgePtr addInPlace(EdgePtr,char[], double, double, char[]);  

  int i;   
  char temp[MaxWordSize + 1];   
  char ePort[MaxWordSize + 1], dPort[MaxWordSize + 1]; 
  double d,c;  

  EdgePtr top = NULL;



    fscanf(in1, "%s",&ePort);
    fscanf(in1, "%s",&dPort);
    fscanf(in1, "%lf",&d);
    fscanf(in1, "%lf",&c);

    for(i=0; i <= n; i++)


       G->vertices[n] = newVertex ("");


       top = addInPlace(G->vertices[n].Destinations,temp, d, c, dPort);

       }//end if


      top = addInPlace(G->vertices[i].Destinations,temp, d, c, dPort);

      }//end else

    }//end for


}//end while                  
 return n;   
}//end buildGraph  

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