I write trying to get help from you, I am trying to learn VB6 and I have been working on this project it is running but there are some commands which are not working like - Find I wrote the codes but when I enter the word and click OK I get the message box but I would like the word to be highlighted, so that I could see it.

For the tip of the day Do I have to write the codes? I have written those of Next and Previous but I do not know what I have to do next. I want the computer to select the words randomly, where do I have to put the data for those random words, do I have to use a different Table or I can instruct the computer to pick words form the Table I have for contents, "that is where the main Data is".

Thak you


Check out the InStr() function for your "Find" request - do a search in the Help file to get the exact syntax. THere is also a built-in Replace() Function.

Hope this helps!


Also, For "Random" Tips of the day, the way to go about it is to read in all the tips from the database or file into an array, then run the randomize function between the lowest and highest element of the array. Then display the tip that is inside that element of the array. I would personally just use an increment counter. Save it in a settings file or the registry, and just add 1. So like, if you have 10 tips, start at 1, then next time, show 2, then 3, then 4. That's how I would do it, but it's not very random ;)