hi im using visual basic 6 to create a text based game i have started and have only just started learning programming via visual basic and have learned a fair part of it. just need a a little help with the user form where the user enters there name age and nationality into the game, i then want visual basic to save these details entered when the user clicks confirm so they can then load these details through load game if they wish

help would be appreciated

thanks :)

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There are several ways in which to hold/keep information between activations of your program. There is the registry, database, or simple text file just to name a few. Now, using a text file to save/read information is the easiest but we need to know exactly what you want to do to really help you...

Good Luck

thanks for the reply. basicallly i am creating a sports managment game and would like the user to enter their details upon clicking new game then after the details are entered they will have to click contiunue/confirm at the bottom to proceed to the next form. after that is done i would like the information to be stored so that when they leave the game and start a game they can load their previous game from the main menu by clicking load game and locating the information file.

okay, in vb's help, on the index tab, type in "print" then in the list you will see "print # statement", highlight it and hit enter or double click on it, select "print # statement" to read all about it. Check out the example.

Then click on "see also" and select "open statement" to read all about it. View the example.

Then click on "see also", select "close statement" to read all about it. See example...

Next click on the back button to take you back one page to the open statement and click on "see also" again but this time select the "freefile function".

Now type in "line i" and hit enter. this should bring you to the line input # statement, see example, see also input # statement, example, see also, input function, example and....

Well, from there you should have all the information you need to write (print) out files and read them back in.

Good Luck

i dont understand any of that to getting me to where i want to be :(
i only want to save the information entered by the user to a file :s

Did you even try to follow the instructions? The instructions are not only how to learn how to start navigating through the help files, but also if you would have followed them and read the pages you would now understand how to read and save data to a file.

Good Luck

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