hi guys,i'm a young guy in South Africa,it my first time in this forum,okay here is my problem. i have this assignment where i don't even know where to start.the thing is i've never used c++ forms to do my work,so the assignment is about designing a system for doctors where patient have to make appointment,produce their medical aid, the stakeholders involved are suppliers,doctor,receptionist,patients,medical aid scheme,even the department of health included,the system must include all the stakeholders and it must be able to print their informations,i have no idea what to do because i dont understant using forms in c++.PLEASE HELP ME WHERE YOU CAN.

You really need to show some code or at least describe how you would do things to get much help here. We can't write the code for you. If you really have no idea where to start, I really suggest you speak with your instructor. This is not something you want to get behind on as class goes on.