hi every body
i need your help please in a program in assembly
i've to make a program that contains a listof names of students and theirs points (like: jack 15) and we order the list once by alphabetical order and the second time by descendent point
please i need it

please i need it

Way to show tremendous effort on your part. Not only did you not attempt it yourself, you didn't even specify the architecture (can I assume x86?) or the compiler (NASM? MASM? etc). I can't really write too much code until I know those details.

Don't try asking for help until you try this for yourself and then I can try to help you with anything that's wrong. Meanwhile, you can take a look at this educational post you obviously missed.

thank you
i mean tasm
what i need is how to compare between words
and how i create an array to hold the name and the point for each student

well u can store the effective address of the array in stack pointer or DI .
then u can use the instruction
repe cmpsb ; this instruction will jmp to label1 if two words arent
;equal or it will jump to label1
jne label1
jmp label2