I AM FACING PROBLEMS WITH SEPARATING SENTENCES FROM A TEXT . FOR eg. if i separate sentence after each '.' then it won't help for Dr.xyz. it would consider them as two different sentences.. but it is not. please help if possible with a suitable code..

Then analyze if it is a formal title or group of numbers, before you split it off.

well if you likes to do a formal approach to this question , you
can use lex lexer generator and yacc parser generator and make
your simple project.

using the lex you can break your your input file into the torkens ,
verbs nouns etc. and you can define the symantic rules using the
yacc ( parser generator ) something like .

sentence : subject verb object dot

well if you are asking how the real compilers are working then you
first welcome to download the lex and yacc manuals and read their
documentation. If you failed read a book and web tutorial on yacc
and lex . There are many with examples.

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