Write a program that will compute the quarter/semester grader for all the students in a class. Scenario is as follow:

  • There are total of forty students in any given class. Each student has twelve graded items. Each student is given four tests, four programming assignments, and four homework assignments.
  • The program must prompt for and read the course identifier and section number, the student Registration number, and then the scores the student made on each of the twelve items (These scores are a numerical value based upon a maximum score of 100. Also, each of the items has a different weight in computing the grade. This weight is a percentile ( hint: 10% or 0.10 for quizzes etc). The sum of three weights must not exceed 1.0. The weights need only be input once of a class.
  • To terminate the input of student data, input a blank Registration number.
  • After all students and their grade have been input, the program will compute the numerical and letter grade for each student. The grade is arrived at by the summation of the scores of the items in each category. Using the following formula the final numerical grade can be computed.

Numerical grade= weight of test + average of test score+ weight of programs+
average program score+ weight of homework + average of
homework assignment

  • After the numerical grade is computed then the letter grade is determined from the following chart:


  • The program shall produce a report showing each student’s Registration number, test score average, programming scores average, homework score average, numerical grade and the letter grade.

as i m learning,so please help ma in this program as soon as possible.
thanks u very much.

So what's your question? Posting nothing but a homework problem suggests that you want us to do it for you, which isn't going to happen. We require effort on your part before we'll offer any help.

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