Hello everyone! :)

I would like to read a xml file in order to return the content as a HTML response. I wonder if i need to parse the XML file or i can read the file as if it were an txt file. I am interested in this second way because i dont need to get part of the xml file,i just want to return every its content.

Thanks in advance... :)

Well xml files are text files so yes you can do open() and read just as you normally would a text file.

Thanks for the help. I have tried unsuccessfully the following:

f=open('file.xml', 'r')

I tried the same with a txt file and it works,that is why im a bit confussed.

Thanks beforehand.. :)

It appears that req is an open file object of some type. Try flushing the output buffers (obj.flush()) or close the file.


Hi again. I think i know a new thing about my problem.

I actually can open xml files and read the content. But i stops reading when it finds characters like <AS>. For example,if my xml file is:

This is my xml<>

It reads fine.

But when i start to fill in the tags,it does not read them. For example,it does not read "<a>" in case my xml file content is the following

This is my xml <a>

Thanks for helping