Hi I am having a problem in the sixth edition on starting out with C++ programming. I need the full code of how to do it cause I am getting errors and dont know what I am doing.

The question ask.Write a funtion named coinToss that simulates the tossing of a coin. When you call the function, it should generate a random number in the range of 1 through 2. If the random number is 1, the function should display "heads." If the random number is 2, the function should display "tails." Demonstrate the function in a program that asks the user how many times the coin should be tossed, and then simulates the tossing of the coin that number of times.

Ty for your help!!

I need the full code of how to do it cause I am getting errors and dont know what I am doing.

Post what you have done so far

I need the full code of how to do it

You would never get full code here.
Google is your friend. Here is a nice article here on Daniweb about generating Random Numbers:http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread1769.html

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Try at least doing some effort, post the code you have so far ...
You'll never learn to program if you aren't writing programs yourself ...

Well I just joined this class late so I dont know what I am doing whatsoever so I needed this code to get my first grade.

Read a tutorial about C++ ...
There are many floating around on the internet ...

But why cant you just give me the code?

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Because we already got our grades and passed the course. You can't pass using our work. You need to pass on your own work.

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This thread is being closed due to violation of Daniweb's homework policy. Read our rules, try it yourself, and then create a new thread if you need help (help != handouts, by the way).

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