iv just done a cricket scoring system but the output is to a txt file - i want to put some of the details to a database , meaning remove the txt file and have a db instead.

the programm is fully functional but needs a database - can any1 help me - i tried odbc,ado and sql ( MySql 5.1 ) but doesnt seem to work the way i want it to .

i can send my exe file or any of the program files ..

i need help

ODBC and ADO (and DAO, DAO ODBC Direct and RDO) are data access methods while MySQL, Access, SQL, ORACLE are databases. Now if you have MySQL running then check out http://www.connectionstrings.com for connecting to your database. Once that is done, then we may be able to help you further.

Good Luck

You need to use ADO with any database of your choice for optimal performance.

You need to use ADO with any database of your choice for optimal performance.

optimal performance!!!???

ADO is a wrapper for both DAO and RDO and thus is slower (Check documentation) because it adds another layer of calls, callbacks, and checks. For optimal performance there is a set of API's to call drivers natively but that is so much of a hassle the next best thing is to use DAO for Access or any of the flavors of dBase (includes Fox Pro as Fox Pro uses the dBase engine!) and RDO for MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle and such.

Also ADO and any of the following technologies were created to "standardize" the interface for database access, of which you will also read in the documentation of ADO.

I feel really sorry for all those who are still using DAO or RDO.

I don't understand why one needs to use different technologies for different databases.

Because they are faster, more stable, and closer to the native API for each because that is what they are built from. If you run a trace on your ADO driver you will find that it calls the DAO or RDO drivers that you feel so sorry about. Perhaps you should read more and know what you are talking about before you post such uninformed opinions debasisdas.

As a matter to point out such to you debasisdas have you ever seen...

db.Open "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=...

Guess what debasisdas, the jet driver or dao driver is being called from the ADO driver.

And by the way debasisdas, since when is it bad to know more than just one technology? I feel sorry for those who limit themselves to just one technology whether it is from ignorance or stubbornness.


What I personally feel is,
For databases like Access(<=2k), or .dbf, just use DAO.
DAO objects/Methods are quite Flexible.
For example, ADO's FIND, does not support Multiple Column search in Recordset. (No Matter whatever version), This Limitation Costs us to Open another Recordset Object.
Whatever be the Technology, Important is Programmer needs to be Comfortable with the technology. And should be able to carry on all the tasks with ease.
One more thing about ADO Recordset, It does have a "RecordCount" property.. But the correctness of it depends on factors like Provider / Cusror Location and Type / Recordset ,
or else, it will return -1. What's the use of a Property, if it is not dependable?
As they say, Shifting of Database with ADO is Simpler, Just Change the Connection String. But In reality, Connection to database is OK, But Ad-Hoc Queries are so Database dependent..
ex: Date Functions , String Functions.. etc..

If Database is an RDBMS, then just go for ADO.
Or else for access/dbf get settled for simpler DAO.


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