I want to create a program that asks the user to enter two vector (size and direction), and calculates its addition through turning it into components (using OOP).
here's what I've got so far (I don't know how to fix the errors), I'm not sure what's wrong/ to do next (vector 1 has a magnitude of 1 and 60 degrees while vector 2 has 2 and 50 degrees):

using namespace std;

// A class declaration for class Complex
// This class creates complex number objects  z = x + i*y, 
// where x is the real and y the imaginary part
class Vector
             void assign (double x, double y);
             void convert (double x, double y);
             Vector modulus();
             Vector operator+(const Vector &z);
             Vector operator-(double xsize, double ysize);
void Vector::assign(double x, double y){
    double size = x;
    double degree = y;
void Vector::convert(double x, double y){
     double xsize = size*cos(degree/180.0);
     double ysize = size*sin(degree/180.0);

Vector Vector::operator(const Vector &z){
       Vector temp;
       Vector xsize=(*this).xsize+z.xsize;
       Vector ysize=(*this).ysize+z.ysize;
       return Temp;

Vector Vector::modulus(){
    resultantvec= sqrt(xsize*xsize + ysize*ysize);
    return resultantvec;

Vector Vector::operator-(double xsize, double ysize){
       return resultantdeg;

//Below, the main()
int main(){                     
         Vector num1;
         Vector num2;

         cout<<"the resultant vector is"<<resultantvec<<"at an angle of" resultantdeg<<endl;
return 0;

Thanks a lot for the help!

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Your program has too many errors to enumerate. You need to learn the basics (like you can't say Public instead of public; capitalization counts). Get a decent book and work through the examples.


Where are the Data members?
I appreciate that you have modified complex number class to work here. This is a good example of code re-usability. But a Private inheritance in this matter would have been more eye-catching.
Well, The program has several typographical and syntactical errors.
Correct it!!.


Agreed with all above ...

To the OP: Please remember that every C++ keyword is written in lowercase, this was introduced to keep everything simple, so actually you don't have to hesitate whether you've to enter an uppercase letter or a lowercase one, it's just always in lowercase ...

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