Hey guys, i just re-installed python and began writing a script, when i go to run it a syntax error appears. The syntax error allways points to the quotes i use, meaning something like

print "Hello"

a syntax error will appear and point at the end quote ' " ' at the end of it. I dont know if its something im missing or anything else. Thanks.

If you just re-installed python you might have installed python 30 which means that you now have to go


See if that fixes it. :)

Python version 3.0 has modernized the language and much of the old code examples will not work. You can use a little utility program called 2to3.py to change old syntax to new syntax.

The first thing you do should be to determine if 3.0 is what you want. There are many backwards incompatible changes, as you have found. It's not as simple as moving on to the newest version.