I've learned quite a bit since my last post, i.e. it kept disappearing on me just because of syntax, but now I'm interested in something:

Is it possible to make it so that when you run the .py as is , that it opens another program or directory? I.e. when you run it, it opens internet explorer? or another python script?

what i'm really asking is is there any way to get a program to open something in a new window from a command?

Yeah you can do open internet things with the webbrowser module.
Oh and also execfile is good if you want to start executables or python files.

>>> import webbrowser
>>> webbrowser.open("www.google.com")

And execfile

#its a built in!
execfile("Path \\ to\\ exe or py \\ file.exe")

Hope that helps

If you want to run something arbitrary:

import os

Using the webbrowser module would make more sense for that specific problem, as said above.

wow thanks, those all work great!

what i was really thinking of was just to make a program that opens the same program in a new window and kind of 'short circuits'

i did end up doing it, but instead of a program simply a command in command prompt (see it here if you want, but its not very interesting)