This is what I am doing but I am stuck here can you help me??

// Winning Division

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cstring>   
using namespace std;

// Constant for division name array size
const int NAME_SIZE = 26;

// Function prototypes
double getSales (char []);
void findHighest(double, double, double, double);

int main()
   double salesNE,  // Sales for the Northeast
          salesSE,  // Sales for the Southeast
          salesNW,  // Sales for the Northwest
          salesSW;  // Sales for the Southwest

   // Get the sales for each division.
   salesNE = getSales("Northeast"); 
   salesSE = getSales("Southeast"); 
   salesNW = getSales("Northwest"); 
   salesSW = getSales("Southwest"); 

   // Display the division with the highest sales.
   findHighest(salesNE, salesSE, salesNW, salesSW);

   return 0;

}  // End of main function

surely there is more to it than that... you haven't defined any of the functions.

also, use code tags.

Also, when you post the remainder of the code, ask specific questions. You are much more likely to get answers if people know exactly where you are having trouble. Does it not compile, does it not do what you expect (what do you expect?), is there something you need to add (what is it?), etc?