is there somebody who tried to use pyOpenGL with wxPython? I want to have a GUI, where I have a frame integrated, that shows a 3D image computed by an OpenGL algorithm build in the PyOpenGL environment.


Yeah i spent about 3 weeks a while ago trying to work out pyGL but there was absolutely no documentation or tutorials to do so i was stuck and there really was no way for me to learn. IMHO i think you should probably use something like VPython or another language.

Download wxpython demos and docs.
Run demos


hey paulthom, there are very good tutirals from neohelium you can use to get in contact with the material. It first seems to be just a tutorial for OpenGL, but if you look at the discription of the examples you have on the bottom a really big list of languages that you can use to implement opengl in, also python. Have a look over here for example
NeoHeliums OpenGL Tutorial
scroll down and you can see in the list the coding in python for download (conatins the python code). If you look at that carefully, you can see how it works.
(with pyOpenGL you are able to code OpenGL directly in python)

I just have an other problem. I have a problem with the GLUT, I posted this in an other thread. My idea was, to try to solve it, by using an other window module to show my 3D opengl construction. It was just another idea, because I have to start programming as soon as possible

ahh, on that page I see some stuff of that, it says:

wxPython's wx.glcanvas.GLCanvas class only provides the GL Context and a wx.Window to put it in, so if you want to use the wxGLCanvas you will also need the PyOpenGL Python extension modules as well.

thank you very much, I'll try it out and give a feedback, if it worked.


ok I tried the GLCanvas example.
The cube worked very welll, while I had many errors with the cone display (also errors in the glut library again, what's up with this??).
Nevertheless that was what I wanted to do (the working cube), and I'll try to use it.

thank's again