does any know where i can find a simple POS project?
ive been googling it for hours.. and i cant find any.
or if anyone can share some sample project?

pls help me out on how i can start making it.

im making a POS for a computer shop, thx in advance guys...
really need to learn this

#1 Define your requirements in excruciating detail
#2 Define the technology to be used (VB6/VB.NET 2k2,2k3,2k5,2k8/Delphi/Access/SQL/Text/Other/Other)
#3 Design your GUI with explanations on how each item/control is supposed to work
#4 Then come back with specific questions

How to connect to access database
How to retrieve records/update records/daily sales etc.
How to interface/incorporate a barcode scanner into my application
How to interface with a card reader for credit card sales
How to interface with XXX type cash drawer via serial/usb etc.

Good Luck