Hi all,
Could you please sugest me some code for building the GUI to browse a file and to upload using Swing.


File browsing is already provided through JFileChooser file upload will depend on how you want to implement it and what you will use have pick

At first Thanks for sugestion.

As i am very new to Swing and ofcourse to JAVA, i am not comfortable with building GUI for my desktop application. Basicaly i need a login page where a user can login and another page the user can browse a single file and upload in the database. Please sugest some idea for this scenario.


Do you want the code or do you want to write the code?

Upload the file to where? like FTP? or send to another person?

JFileChooser sounds like it would be the best place to start at this point.

Yes, I want the code for the scenario. and I need to Upload the file in the server.

Thank you. I am now in right track towards success.