I just took a freelancer script its a cgi script.

Can any one let me know is there any posibility to run a cgi script on local computer like we run php on apache/IIS and asp on IIS.
Is there any way to run cgi script.

Thank You

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Yes, but you need to install a web server on your computer and set it up to support CGI.

Well what i need to install.
In IIS on which I run PHP.
So which one i need to install and how to run as I never used CGi script.

Thank You

Yes, but you need to install a web server on your computer and set it up to support CGI.

I don't know how to install Perl on IIS, but someone does and they've probably written step-by-step instructions.

Try doing a search for:
install Perl IIS

what ever you do, do not install XAMPP (apache friends) I have seen too many problems people have after installing that bundle. Better to bite the bullet and install apache/perl/php/mysql and anything else you want, and take a day to get it all running with the help of tutorials or asking questions.

I just advised someone to try that out (XAMPP)... I've never had problems with it, but I never used it all that much...

What are the specific problems with XAMPP? It's quite a 'light' distribution lets say, but it seems to do what it says it does...

I'va just seen too many problems with it on forums associated with perl, mostly trying to install new modules but some other problems I don't remember off the top of my head. I used to recommend it too, but not anymore.

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