Assembly is by far the lest abstract language I am aware of (short of getting a hex editor and punching in raw bits and bytes).
I am aware that understanding less abstract topics require greater knowledge.

I know it would be silly of me to ask is there a quick fix, because in programming there are no quick fixes you have to know the subject or you won't get very far (just cos you recognise the syntax and semantics does not mean you know the language).

With that said I would very much appreciate someone pointing me in the direction of a crash course in windows on x86 assembly. I am already aware of logic and sets, computer architecture and memory registers and would like to just get straight into without sifting though threads and threads or pages and pages or pre-requisite knowledge that all programmers should have or strive for.

I have been using Flat assembler for a few days and am starting to see patterns in the syntax and semantics but the programs do different things, why is that?

Narue's tutorial is good, but this should help too.

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