I am looking for a good .NET licensing system, which would be extremely easy to use and integrate (automatic integration into the program).
It should be safe (not easy to hack/crack), and verify the license each time user opens a program (connect to the license server and see if license matches).
It should also have good techniques of limiting the license to one PC (mac address, hdd serial etc.)

On the other hand, I would like to have good license manager, which would allow me to add/edit/remove licenses (customers) easily without doing any kind of modifications to the software.

I am also looking for good .NET code protection system, which makes decompilation of .NET program impossible (again, easy to use).

The price of both should be bellow $1,000. Any suggestions?

Take a look at our CryptoLicensing For .Net product.
It does almost everything you want :
- Easy to use
- Can verify license each time program runs
- Supports activation and hardware locking.

I would recommend you this one:
Integration process is quite simple, web-based license activation (using configurable hardware profile: MB, CPU, HDD and so on), good license manager, very interesting prices (for $340 I've got all what I need including web license activation and integration with RegNow).

Hi, SecureOnCloud Licensing System does all that at a really affordable price. It has a license manager, license generator to generate a number of licenses per client with a validity period of time, and free and available to download source code example to integrate with the application to be license. You can download a free demo, and free source code example for client application here.

I am sure you will like how simple and powerful this solution is!

Starting at only $50 License IT by Data Juggler Software (www.datajuggler.com) is made specifically for C# and comes with two sample projects (Windows and WPF).

Real easy to setup.

HEllo, I can recommend Treek's Licensing Library (http://www.treekslicensinglibrary.com). It's RSA based, no-one cracked it until now and has the best pricing and terms I saw on market. Works with all .NET Frameworks (except 1.0), COM and VBA applications.

There are a number of .NET license protection products that will help you protect against your application being used illegally.

Most of these tools work with a License Server and use the concept of online activation. This means that the first time your end-user tries to use your app, they are required to connect to a License Server to activate their license. This process will send a unique computer identifier to the server and the server generates a unique machine bound license key which is then sent back to the client. This key is used subsequently to validate that your customer is allowed to use your application. This also means that an internet connection is only really required during the initial activation process. It's always a good idea however to call home on a regular basis to check if a license was revoked.

One product that I am familiar with that accomplishes the above is Quick License Manager by Soraco.

QLM is quite easy to use and includes .NET controls that you can just drop into your application to minimze coding. Every time the application starts up, the license is validated locally and optionally on the server. The server validation is optional to handle the case where the end user does not have an internet connection.

License Keys can be time limited and are computer bound. You can bind the license to a MAC address, HDD serial or any other identifier of your choice.

QLM includes a feature rich Management console to manage license keys and customers.

At the time of thsi writing, the price tag for QLM Pro is $600.

Hope this helps.

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