Hi everybody! The application I´ve been working is almost done, first of all thanks to all for your help. But now I want to do something extra and don´t know if is possible. My application starts when I call a bat file with the javac and the java command to run my application. Obviously I keep a command window opened and I dont want it there....I want to know if i can put the .bat file in the start of windows for it starting eachtime the sistem starts ....and also if there is a way to dont show the command window....I am finishing now!!! PLease help me again!!!!

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I know of one way, but that still requires you to run it from the command prompt. After that, you can close the command line and it will still run:

Try the javaw command:

javaw ApplicationName

That will start the program and then you can close the command prompt withought closing the program..


There is one other way I know of: If you are programming on windows you can create shortcuts that have properties set(path, app name and that junk);

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