I have a very hard programming challenge and i need help... I have nothing so far, so im hoping somebod could help me build it...

Im to write a program that uses a structure to store student name, student ID number, pointer to and array of test scores, average test score, and course grade.
Program should keep list of tests scores for a group of students, ask the user for how many test scores and how many students there are. It should then dynamically allocate (pointer?) and array of structures. Each structure's test menber should point to a dynamically allocated array (pointer?) which will hold the tests scores.

After this, program should ask for ID number and test scores for each student. Average test score should be calculates and stored in the average member of each structure. score grade should be computed (91-100=A and so on).

Score grade should then be stored in the Grade member of each structure...once data is calbulated, a table should show student's name, ID number, average test score, and course grade...

These are the instructions, from what I understand, I think it should look like this...

ask for students...
ask for test scores..
build arrays

student 1: ID? name?

student2: ID?Name?

something like that...help!!!

Somebody help me build this program, its sort of challenging...Instructions say to store player's name, number and points scored by each player...Program should keep an array of 12 of these structures, each element is for a different player ona team...program should ask user to enter the data above for each player...It should show a table that lists each player's number, name and points scored... It should calculate and display total points earned by team. Number and name of player that earmed the most points should be displayed...

This is what I have:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

const int NAME_SIZE=40;

struct Players
char namePlayer[NAME_SIZE];
int numberPlayer;
int scoredPlayer;
double pointsHigh;
double playerHigh;

I get stuck after this...

What I get from the instructions is that each structure should be for a different player...also that loops should be involved...loops should ask the user the questions needed...

Help me make this program please!!? I have nothing yet