HI ,
Is it possible to get the window size in Java ,if so cld any 1 guide me....and also i need to fix the windows in a particular position ..how cld i do ds in Java.

JFrame y = new JFrame("myframe");

You could try this , the first two variables being for the X and Y position where the frame is put and the next two for the widtha nd heigth..Does this solve your problem??

Is it possible to get the window size in Java

the getSize() method, amazingly, will do it

thanks for the response....
but i really need a solution to align the window borders so tat the newly opened windows will not overlap the current window that is running instead their borders have to be aligned so tat i can view both the windows as in Google Desktop Gadgets.Gotta!!!
I need a help in this .

You've got all you need here. From the position and size you know where the borders are. Try drawing a couple of touching rectangles on a sheet of paper and marking the positions and sizes on them - this should make all the relationships pretty obvious.

hi james,
setLocation gives the location of the window which i'm executing ,so i need the location of the other windows say netbeans i ve opened now so that the netbeans shouldnt overlap the frame or vice versa .,instead it shld align with the frame borders n i shld b able to view both the windows ...
hence i 'm asking how 2 get the location of the netbeans .

Sorry, I thought both (all) the windows were part of your app. If some of them are not then you will need to get into the Windows/Mac/Linux system apis. Good luck!

ya thanks for ur response....i 'll try