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i u install ur project to ur client machine
first deploy ur project than only u can instral client machine

deploy method
step1:file menu->add->add new project->
add new project windows -> select other project type->
than other project type =>setup and deploy option
this temp let select setup project ->file save location change any where than ok
step2:now open file system setup1
this u see three folder
each folder select and right click ->add ->project output window select primer y output ok to each folder
than select each folder right click->select property windows->always crate ->set true to this all folder
step3: than click solution explore ->u see setup1 this file select right click ->build select than build success u can abl to see save location ur step .
step4: than back of ur db

before u install ur project to ur client --->install .net frame work ur client machine what version u to created project that version


hai everybody,
i need help from all of you
i am using vb.net 2008.
sqlserver 2008.
and i tried to display data in one table in a listview,i made listview like a table,but what happend is the data is not coming in the order.
i know,i have to use for loop.but i dont know how.can u pls help me.

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