This technically isn't fully a Python-related question, but I couldn't find a better place to post it than here. I'm just curious about how to get/update weather information from the internet... like say that sidebar gadget in Vista that updates the weather and temperature from some online-source. The problem is, I have no clue where/how this is obtained. I just wanted to integrate it into a Python app, and if anyone knows anything about this and could get me pointed in the right direction that would be amazing. Thanks! :D

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I did something exactly like this when learning python. I would get the rain radar and the forecast for numerous places. The way i did this was i would download an image from the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia, then i would download the webpage with my forecast on it, scrape away all the tags and then i would get the text i wanted from that.

So www.bom.gov.au works if your in Australia. Not sure about other places, but im sure that there would be something readily available.


Ah, I found the government site for Canada and such, and they actually have the cities' weather information available through XML files, so I was able to parse that to get the info I wanted. Thanks for getting me started there! I hadn't though about the .gov site and such.

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