hello there, i have a network project for the school that i should give it in about a month from now. well basically we want to make a game with a chat window connected to the network without using internet (by lan). i want to make x/o game with a small chat window. so could someone plz right the code that connects the SW from both clients within the network.

also for the game if you could, but if you dont want to then it's fine cuz it wont be as hard as the NW code.

the game will probably be like gamzer but for lan not online.

it'd be nice if you also explain what the code means so that i can use it in other programs later on.


I do not think you will be able to do it in a month .

actually we'll, because we'll just make a server with 2 clients and both clients will be able to play with each other so it wont be that hard as long as the teacher helps us, but the defficult part is the program.