I am stuck with a multiple declaration error during linking.
I have 4 C++ source and corresponding header files(A, B, C,D) and one main source file(Main.cpp).
Apart from that, I have one header file which contains two function declarations and some #define constants (Config.h) and 2 array decl which are used in the functions itself.
I have #included the he Config.h in Main.cpp, A.h, B.h, C.h.
I have also #included A.h in Main.cpp
Actually, I am using one function from Config.h in Main.cpp and another function in A.cpp.
Now, in this situation I have compiled all the source files separately.
When I am trying to create the exec, during linking of A.o, B.o, C.o, D.o and Main.o...I get error of multiple definition of functions and array declarations.

Please suggest to overcome this error!!!

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Put only function prototypes and extern object declarations in header files, such as

// A.h file
extern void foo();
extern int f1;

Now, in one and only one *.cpp file you have to declare the same without the extern keyword.

// A.cpp file
#include "A.h"

int f1 = 0;

void foo()


Thanks for you reply!!!

But, suppose if I want to keep the array decl and the function implementations in Config.h and I use one function from Config.h in Main.cpp and another function from Config.h in A.cpp.

How to do this way???

Please help!!!


>>How to do this way???
You don't! Function implementations can not be put in header files for the reason you have already discovered -- duplicate definition errors.

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