hope someone can help-i am working on a radio telescope and need to
input data thru the parallel or serial port into a computer and have the computer display said data.i would like to use qbasic altho nominal i do have some experience in qbasic.
i have seen refferences to baud rate being needed. any help or guidence
would be appreciated.

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thank you for your reply-if you ever have a need to control stepper motors there is a ic chip that greatly simplifies control.servos are just to hard to stop where you want them to.programming the parallel port isn't the problem -inputing the signal -isn't the problem. the problem is actually charting the input.again thankyou very much.
don easterling


Dear Comatose,
I tried your servotest program because I would like tu use serial port for another Qbasic application.
I gives Time Out.
Can you help me ?

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