I've produced an exe file in visual basic - (recently downloaded as beta version) When I run it it will start up an excel file - runs fine on my computer but when I try it on another I get error message that dotnetfx must be installed. Can I alter my exe file to get around this problem or candotnetfx be automatically installed on the other machine?

Microsoft supplies the runtime version of .NET Frameworks freely, you will have to distribute that along with your executable file. At least that is my understanding. Eventually all Windows machines will have .NET Frameworks installed right out of the box. What a wonderful world that will be!!!!

If you are using a beta version of visual basic.net (presumably the 2005 beta version) then the dotnet framework will also be version 2.0 beta. Your application will probably only ever run with this beta version of the framework and not many people will be likely to have it installed on their PC.

.NET includes security thru the Framework. Thus you must have a compliant version or else the secuity profiles don't match up. If you install on a XP or 2000 machine there is no gurantee that .NET Framework has been installed. You must therefore ensure the target platform is configured or pull down the updates from Windows Update.

To get a full discussion of what .NET security encompasses, how to use the MMC SnapINs, etc. visit Microsoft's site.