Okay, I need to read in a binary file from stdin and stick it in an array. The file contains binary representations of floating point numbers. I need to make sure that my array is sized properly based on the number of elements. It is quite easy to do with if stream as follows

ifstream file("infile.bin", ios::binary | ios::ate);

  // Since we are at the end, we can get the size
  long size = file.tellg();
  cout << size;
  file.seekg(0, ios::beg); //Seek back to the beginning
  float* unsorted;
  //Size input and read the file into it
  unsorted = new float[size];
  file.read((char*)unsorted, size);
  // Change size so it is the number of floats instead of
  // the number of characters
  size = size / 4;

However, I need this to work with a simple redirection, such as

program < infile.bin

I just can't seem to get anything that works. I appreciate your help.