i use netbean 6.5 i can't hide the Jlabel,i have use .setVisibel(false)
here's the problem
i want to hide and show 2 or more label with 1 button,label and button in one parent (panel),for the first label is show but if i click once te button,label is hide,and twice label is show again, can you help me !!
show with classes code,thanks

How about you show us your code. Because I'm almost positive that calling setVisible on a JButton will work, so your code must be setting it to visible again after you set it to "invisible".

You should check your button iteration too. Have u made sure that it's correct?

thanks i have been sukses in invisible label

may i ask again!different question but still use netbean! i want active a tombol in a condition, i have 5 question in panel a if the 5 question is true tombol in panel b is active!how the idea,i tried use method getParent but is not succes!thanks all