I really need help
It is a homework for just four days later. want someone to write two programs for me:
1-A program that converts a decimal number to hexadecimal
2-A program that generates the output below using loops:

I came to add a new one
I think this one is really hard.This time the program must receive a,b and c and print the result of (ax^2+bx+c)^3 in standard mode(standard polynomial).

yeah i understood.so just give me the algorithm and the needed technical information about functions and (don't laugh)working with arrays.
you know VB is not the language i like to learn.in fact i'm a c++ programmer(a beginner).so you can count on it that i'm a programmer and this is the first and the last time i ask about a homework
thanks alot

Stop your begging and read your text book. Also paying attention in class would help.