Hi ...

i found a way to add watermark in java to the following images format: PNG , JPG , GIF... (like this: http://blog.codebeach.com/2008/02/watermarking-images-in-java-servlet.html)

Now im looking for a way to do the same with BMP and TIF... (cause this way doesn't work on that format...)

Anyone know how to do it with plain java, if not some FREE third party API would do too...

Thanks ahead.


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Thanks, but this solution is no good for me... I dont want to use jni/dll in my java application...

b.t.w found out how to stamp a NMP with the help of JAI

so now looking for a way to stamp .tiff file

You should be able to stamp TIFF with JAI, I used it few years back to page stamp multipage TIFFs

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